Curt Joa, Singer Songwriter


Curt Joa


I was born in Indiana, raised in Illinois, and now I enjoy life with my family up in Wisconsin.  Like the man in “Unfinished Songs”, I think I “always wanted to be a songwriter, but it was a distant dream.”  I had written a couple songs and had some other lines and ideas, but I never really got too far. 

Then a while back, I played at a coffee house for some people.  The reaction I got fired me up, and now, at an age when I'm ready to investigate local retirement home options, I’ve been knuckling down on my writing.  I put five songs up on this site, but I’ll be adding more soon. 

I like it when I can make a real connection with the audience by coming up with some small, descriptive detail.  Contact me if you’d like me to play at your place, hopefully within a reasonable distance of Kohler, WI.  I don’t have many accolades or awards yet, and no one is writing about me, but my friends seem to like my stuff.  I hope you do too.