Curt Joa, Singer Songwriter


I Thought I Saw Me



Couple weeks ago I took a trip to the little town where I was raised

The corn was high as the miles slipped by on a clear September day

When I got in, the sun was low, the stores all closed downtown

I looked for someone I might know, but no one was around.


Drove that truck til I ended up on the street where our family lived

The house looked almost miniature but the trees had got so big

I was watching some kids and the game they were playing as I sat while the engine ran

I was just about to pull away when I heard a screen door slam


And I thought I saw me, running thru the yard

Catching up with some friends for one last at bat

Before coming in from the dark

I never can explain it right

Just something in the air that night

But there out in the fading light

I thought I saw me.


Now my memories have a hold on me and I guess they always will

There's a picture so real, sometimes it feels like the past might be happening still

Like if I walked outside and climbed on up into that rusty old truck of mine

And drove just right in the Midwest night, I could almost drive back into time.